Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Winter tires make scents

If you’ve been to our Integra Tire store lately, you may have noticed the overwhelming smell of the new winter tires in there.
Penny (creative genius of Integra Tire Kelowna) did…and the idea of launching our new winter tires like a new fragrance campaign was born!
The ads are appealing to all of our senses…and the sense it makes to have good winter tires on your vehicle.
Much like the new ads Chanel is doing with Brad Pitt.
We couldn’t get Brad, but the talent at Astral Radio did the job quite nicely. Thanks Astral!
Tune into 99.9 Sun FM, 101.5 EZ ROCK and 1150 AM
Have a listen and click your favourite!  Click Here …  Radio Campaign
2160 Enterprise Way
corner of Dilworth/Enterprise

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We've moved our Blog!

As we try to stream line our Social Media our Blog can now be seen at


Check us out please.

We're moving our Blog

Hi Everyone,
We are trying to stream line all the things we in Social Media so we are moving our Blog to our web page.
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

$250 Maintenance Pkg for only $49.95

Integra Tire Kelowna - Vehicle Maintenance Package

Top 10 Reasons to LOVE Maintaining Your Car

1. Protects your investment (the average person plans to keep their vehicle at least 10 years).
2. Saves you money on possible expensive repairs.
3. Provides you better fuel economy.
4. Provides a safer vehicle for you and your family.
5. Maintains your manufacturer's warranty.
6. Results in a more dependable vehicle.
7. Helps eliminate costly and inconvenient breakdowns.
8. Holds more value for your vehicle for resale.
9. Helps protect the environment by reducing emissions.
10.  Last, but not least, helps you feel more secure.

Enroll in our
Members receive savings with
special discounts and bonuses!

1st appt $49.95 pkg deal worth $250
This includes;
  • ·  Filter
  • ·  5 Litres of Oil
  • ·  30 pt inspection
  • ·  Rotate tires
  • ·  AVR check
  • ·  Alignment check
      Receive a
   Wheel Alignment
       (value $100)
      with 4th appointment

When you sign up you are also eligible for
The Roadside Assistance Program
which includes:
  • No Charge Towing*
  • No Charge tire change
  • No Charge jump start
  • No Charge lock out service
  • No charge delivery of gas or other fluids
*max of $60.00 
* Card valid for 120 days/4 months
See in store for more details
*follow up appts must be pre-booked

Book NOW!

Ask to be put on our
Vehicle Maintenance Program
2160 Enterprise Way  (behind the Ramada Inn)

Family Owned and Operated since 1955 

Check out our new web page

If you have a company with vehicles contact us about our 
Fleet Maintenance Program 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Winner of the Bridgestone Golf Bag

Being only 1 number off (#404) here is the winner of the Bridgestone Golf Bag.  Tony
Thanks all that enter
The "Kick the Can" event was a big success thank you again to all the were a part of this.
We were able to collect almost 2100lbs of food for the Kelowna Community Food Bank

Monday, April 2, 2012

 Let’s play Kick The Can!
The Kick Hunger Carma Can at Integra Tire Auto C Kelowna.
Help us Kick Hunger. If anything can, Carma Can.
We’re fillin up a ......can full of food for the Foodbank .
Bring in a food can donation for Integra Tires Carma Can
and receive a $20 “I Kicked the Can” voucher toward your spring tire change over.

Book your appointment today 250-860-3155

What goes around comes around with The Carma Can!
Come and Kick it today!

*Donations should be any non perishable food items

*This does not apply if the tires are already on rims.

How is your guessing ability?
How many golf balls are in this bag! Guess correctly and you could win this deluxe Golf Bag from our friends at Bridgestone. When you buy a set of tires (any brand) you get 4 chances. If we do a "Spring Tire Change Over" (change/balance) your tires you get 2 chances. If your tires are already on rims when we change them over you get 1 chance. Any mechanical work done over $500 you get 2 chances. Any mechnical work over $1000 you get 4 chances
Contest runs from April 2nd to May 19th.

Ladies Nite
Tuesday April 17th 7-8:30pm
Learn the difference between TPMS and EVAP. 
Get a better understanding of your car and its needs.
What happens a Ladies Nite? Fun/Prizes! 
Check out the video from out last one.

To register just email:

 2160 Enterprise Way 
Kelowna 250-860-3155

Friday, February 3, 2012

Changes to BC winter tire laws?

Changes to B.C. winter tire laws?

A RCMP traffic expert is looking to the province of B.C. to change the laws that govern winter road equipment.

“I think it’s enough of a safety issue that I can’t in good conscience drop it,” said Staff Sgt. Steve Frayne.

Frayne says the accident north of Kamloops Wednesday that claimed a family of four is evidence more can be done to save lives on B.C. roads.

Frayne calls the signs on BC highways that require winter tires or to carry chains “ridiculous”.

“It’s no help to us whatsoever,” said Frayne, who notes the provincial law cited on the sign lets drivers carry chains and drive on any type of tire, including summer grade rubber.

“You can use a terrible all season tire that’s just about bald and if you have chains in the trunk, you are complying with this sign,” he said.

The SUV carrying the family near Barriere was driving on all seasons tires.

While Frayne says it’s not certain if the family would have survived if they had winter tires, it would have given them a better chance of staying straight on the icy road.

A recent fatal crash on Highway 1 near the Rogers Pass is another example of poor tires, according to Frayne.

The vehicle was driving on nearly bald winter tires, with only 1.5 mm tread left.

Acceptable tread is 3.5 mm minimum.

The law stipulating winter tires or to carry chains is in effect from October 1 to April 30 on all numbered highways in B.C. outside of the Lower Mainland.

The law does not apply inside municipal boundaries.

And despite what some visitors believe, out-of-province vehicles are not exempt from road equipment laws.

Frayne continues to meet with ICBC and the provincial government to see that the law is changed to help save more lives.

“Those signs have to mean something,” said Frayne. “If you're coming into the interior of this province, it’s some of the worst driving conditions in Canada. We have the highest highway passes in Canada and we don't have a law that is effective. That's going to keep people safe and that's what it's all about.”

Minister of Transportation Blair Lekstrom was not available for comment and ministry communications staff did not offer CHBC News any other comment on Frayne’s request for changes to the law.

Read it on Global News: CHBC Okanagan | Changes to B.C. winter tire laws?